“Don’t leave me.”

“I have to.”

“Please! I can’t live without you.”

“Don’t say that. You can. You lived so many years of your life without me anyway. You’ll learn.”

“That was before I realised I needed you-“

“Needed me? No one needs anyone to live. You have money, food, shelter, and clothing. That’s all you need.”

“I need someone to love too!”

“Many people out there would consider it a privilege to be loved by you.”

“But I want to love you, just you.”

“Loving me doesn’t necessarily imply that my presence is imperative.”

“B-but…I want you to love me too! Love me while being with me-“

“I can love you from any place, any dimension and in any form of existence-as a memory, a wish, a desire or a departed soul.”

“Please don’t leave. I’ll do anything to have you here with me.”

“But what if I say, I’ll do anything to make my departure easier?”

“There’s nothing you can do to make it easier.”

“Then be it. You can learn how to deal with hardships better.”

“Don’t you want to be with me?”

“I will still be with you in dreams, bittersweet memories, photographs, desires and your heart, of course.”

“My broken heart.”

“Broken or not, it will never cease to hold my love, would it? Love can only be emptied out of a cracked heart, not a broken one. I am happy.”

“Happy? And then you say you care about my feelings-“

“Of course I do, which is why I’m trying my best to drive the bad ones away.”

“Forget it. It’s impossible for me to explain it to you. I wonder how you would have behaved, had you been in my shoes.”

“I’d have smiled, kissed you and bid you a happy farewell, because I would know that you were going to be in better hands than mine.”

“Better hands? Whose?”

“Why, God’s of course.”

With that, he kissed her and silently walked towards the bright shining light far ahead of him. Head held high and a brave hand waving goodbye, he walked towards his death.

Forgotten Memories

There’s nothing to say today, is there?
Of longings and desires, passions and dreams.
Of friends and laughter, old pictures and memories
Of a time so long ago, it’s faded.
Faded as a winter landscape, as a dusty day, as a smog-filled scenery.
One look transports us to memory lane,
To the times when we were all we knew,
To the times I awoke to your smile-filled eyes, a glorious surprise
Didn’t turn out as evergreen as we thought it would.
To the times we couldn’t get enough
Of secret whisperings through dark nights
Of stolen seconds of temporary togetherness
Of hidden kisses, hidden affections
Gone with the rise of hatred’s spring.
And here I am, and here are you,
And you say,
There’s nothing to say today, is there?
Marking irrevocably upon the fabric of Time
That we got lost, somewhere along our forgotten memories.

Too Good to be True

She whispered my name.
Just my name.
And I awoke to that radiant smile, my personal sunshine.
I choked on my unshed tears that I struggled to keep from falling.
Yet she wiped something wet
From my cheeks.
I opened my mouth
She parted her lips
“I love you.”
We smiled at the coincidence, the irony.
The futility of it all.
Entwining my fingers in hers, I noticed
How cold had been the spaces between them and how
Warm and filled were they now.
She smiled.
She ran her fingers through my hair
And caressed my cheek
And rubbed a little finger on my lips.
I grew warm. I shivered.
I moved my fingers across her face feeling every imperfection.
Every perfect flaw.
And crying I woke up to my shattered dream,
For she had left me years back and yet
Would never leave me as long as I’d live.